Chronic Pain or Symptoms: Think Psychologically, Not Physically

Learn to rewire neuroplastic pain and symptoms.


Photo by Yosep Surahman on Unsplash

What does it mean to think psychologically, not physically?

This was Dr. John Sarno’s advice for chronic symptoms.

With chronic pain or chronic symptoms, the tendency is to try to find an answer either in the physical body or in something physical that you did to bring on the pain. But where has that gotten you? (Hint, it got you locked into a feedback loop of pain and symptoms)

Instead of trying to solve the puzzle physically, find the true solution in the mind. Learn how to think psychologically, not physically, in today’s video.

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This video is for information purposes only. It is not medical or chiropractic advice nor does it establish a patient-provider relationship. Enjoy and learn!



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