Creativity Is Your Power, Learn to Use It

It’s how you gain leverage

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Somehow, the world pushes you to be less creative. There’s a defined path to follow. You attend high school, university, graduate, find a job, get married, start repaying your college debts, get a house, start paying a mortgage, retire at 65, move into a retirement home and wait till it’s your time.

You can easily get used to this way of life, but we can follow alternative routes and still earn a comfortable living thanks to the large resources within our reach.

The common thing about the people who succeeded in a path they created for themselves is that they were creative. They believed in their ability to come up with ways to succeed.

Everyone has the capacity to be creative. It’s like a muscle that, when you exercise it, it gets stronger and weakens when you don’t. Many people are this way. They don’t have the capacity to think up solutions themselves. They’d rather wait for someone to create new paths to live by. And if they don’t find that, they fold up and start to complain about how the system isn’t working for them.

When indeed, we all have the power to create better situations for ourselves.

Creativity births information and information is power, so anyone who digs deep to find information gets the most power.

To be powerful, you need to be creative. It would be best if you learned to listen to the voice in your head. Consume valuable information and not just sit back and cross our hands without taking any action.

I’m all about the individual rather than the public because the public is made up of individuals. So, whatever you do, to gain power, economically, socially, and whatever way, your creativity sets you apart.

Thank you for reading.

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