Do This if You Want to Make Your New Year Resolutions Work

It is time, already.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Yet another year is making its way into the next decade, as we are making our way through the last month of 2020.

As with every year, many New Year resolutions are already lined up to be taken upon, as the next 1st rings in!

And as with every year, many of those resolutions will be let gone off, as the next 1st rings in, because why not?

Now, we all know how this works;

Everyone has plans, and everyone puts a date on them to kick them off;

But sometimes, plans remain just that;


They do not really transform past that point, into actions and into results.

This is only natural for us to experience, and that’s the reason why we have to trick ourselves to do something that does not come naturally to us, if we truly want to make our resolutions work.

Time is a funny thing because it allows us to think that we can choose to put our thoughts into actions on a very specific date, as though doing just that will magically ensure that our actions sustain us.

However, if time really had the power to turn our thoughts into actions, we would have everyone being all too ecstatic about having followed through each of their New Year resolutions, because duh, “I started on 1st January.”

So, what can we really do to turn things around?

Well firstly, we need to detach a resolution from the time that we link to it;

Think about it in this way;

Attaching a date tag to a resolution, only means that you are allowing yourself to be in the state that you want to change from, for another bunch of days;

And by giving yourself those extra bunch of days, you are allowing yourself to get even more comfortable in that state that you need to transform from;

When you get comfortable being where you are, the change that you attempt to make on a specific date, has more chances to backfire, because your mind has already been wired to that comfort for all this while;

It means that you are giving your mind reasons to hold onto the very things that you have “resolved” to change;

Your mind will not understand that just because it’s 1st of January, it needs to suddenly do things it hasn’t before;

Your mind will only tell you that it is okay to hold onto the very things that you have “resolved” to change, because it has been okay all this while;

So why not continue like this a little longer?

And that is how your mind works, not your resolutions.

Resolutions only work when you do and all you need to do, is just get to doing it.

Resolutions are meant to be acted (and worked) on;

The truth is that we will never be ready enough to act;

We will never end up thinking that the time is right to act on what we need to act on;

As long as we think that a specific date will do our job for us, we will never get to doing it;

Instead, we must get to it and we must do it.

When you don’t give your mind a reason to hold onto something until a specific date, your mind will respond with all the understanding it needs, to start doing something that needs to be done.

If a resolution is a worth a change on 1st of January, then it is worth the change right now, and waiting till then changes nothing in between.

A resolution is not something that needs to be planned;

It is something that needs to be acted on;

And once a resolution has been made, the only right time to act on it, is now;

It is time, already.

You can choose to act on your resolution the day you have firmed up on it, and make that day a beginning of a New Year for the change;

Now, that is a Resolution for a New Year, and that’s the only trick you will ever need.

Start now if you have a resolution that you are holding up till the 1st of the next month, so that by the time 2021 kicks in, you are already working on it.

When you begin by doing instead of beginning by setting a timer for your resolutions, your resolutions will begin to work for you in return.



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