Do You Know What Your Superpower Is?

Here’s what I think

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

We all have superpowers, and while some of us utilize them, some people just completely ignore them, and it’s very frustrating to see.

Imagine how different the world will be if everyone utilized their superpowers and didn’t shy away because it’s risky.

When the risk topic starts to come out, I tell myself that everything is a risk — doing and not doing.

We all have superpowers.

What are these Superpowers?

They’re your uniqueness. We often let what’s unique to us slide because we want to be like the next person. We want to follow what they do because they seem confident and established in the pattern they follow. But the thing is, these people got there because they harnessed that thing unique to them. But are you ready for that conversation?

It’s the same reason why most people don’t do anything worthwhile and a small number of people out there doing extraordinary things and well, in the top 1%

We see them as stars — and rightfully so because they were confident enough to do what was unique to them.

So I’ll ask you this: What’s unique to you?



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