Do You Really Want to Know the Truth?

Everything is a scam.

Photo by Werner Du plessis on Unsplash

The people you see all around doing amazing things are just normal people like you, who have doubts, worries and bad days.

They’re not robots, but just people who did something (exceptionally well) long enough for you to notice and then thousands and millions of other people noticed too.

You too, can get to this position if you can be disciplined enough to hone your talents and do it long enough. But oftentimes, we get caught in the lie that we need to find our passions first and follow them.

Passion is necessary, but I believe it is short term and won’t do as much as your talents will because our passions can change as we age or get exposed to different situations. And we all know that moving from one model to another stunts your growth.

Just like being in a relationship. You may be passionate about your partner, but if things aren’t going anywhere or you’re both dysfunctional, the passion will die.

Let me ask you this. Why do you know Michael Jordan? Is it because of his passion? Obviously not. You know him because he was exceptional at basketball (talent)

This is the big separator.

Your passion is good, but your talent is better. Your talent is what feeds the passion. You won’t be passionate about something you’re bad at and not seeing improvements in. Even if you’re passionate, it won’t be for long.

See it this way. Your passion is your love for it, but your talent is what makes people remember you.

Your love (passion) for that thing increases when you’re good at it and are seeing improvements — no matter how little.

Your passion comes after you’ve found something you excel at.

In a boxing match, the winner is not who’s more passionate alone, but who’s more talented and passionate about winning.

People ask you what you’re passionate about, but the right question is, what do you do best? This is how you get remembered. This is how you get paid. This is how you become world-renowned.

Stop chasing your passions, and start building on your talent.

So, to conclude, everything is a scam



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