Don’t Be Let Down by Slow Growth

We all have to go through it

Photo by Nick Abrams on Unsplash

I saw a tweet yesterday about how if you can’t get used to slow growth, you won’t experience fast growth, and I was stuck on that.

Doing any business online or offline, you have to go through the drought period because it’s normal.

But do you quit or keep going?

Imagine if a baby quit trying to work at her first attempt? Would she be able to walk at all in her life?

Take a bicycle, for example. Did anyone ever become the best bicycle rider at their first attempt? Can’t you remember those elbow and knee injuries? It’s funny how you went through all of those pains, but when it comes to starting a business, any little hiccup you face, you automatically give up and try another venture.

Did you try to ride another bicycle when you failed at riding yours? Didn’t you keep learning with that bicycle?

So what changed?

Thank you for reading



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