Enjoy Life’s Big Moments Too

And do not worry them away

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We always hear, enjoy the little things; it’s the small moments that should be cherished; find pleasure in the mundane. All true, real happiness can be gleaned from the little things in our lives — the smile of a neighbour, enjoying the fascinated stare of a child, communing with nature, and so many others. These little things count and add up to fill our happiness well to the brim.

This does not discount the joy that can be had from experiencing the big things — one’s wedding day, first job, new house, dream car, vacation, lover, a clean bill of health after overcoming some sickness — the list of big things goes on and on.

I am anxiously awaiting my big thing in the mail, literally. I am waiting on the mail. It comes in the form of the see it, touch it version of my first book of tiny stories and I am excited. Thoughts of how would it be marketed, who would buy it, would anybody be interested in it, for now, have been locked away in the dark recesses of my mind; now is not the time for these thoughts to come out and play. Let me enjoy the achievement.

We ought to enjoy the accomplishment of the big things in our life and they should not be diminished by worry. Sometimes we have not even gotten past the initial thrill before we are thinking of the next hundred steps. That is okay, it is human. We cannot help it. It is as if we are wired to look into a future we cannot see and have no control over. And so we worry. We have no power but worry power.

We attract what we think about and if we are hell bent on worrying, forgetting to enjoy the bliss of the moment, we may just attract that same thing into our presence.

I recall my friend during her first pregnancy. She worried that her unborn child would be born with a defect that was present in its father. She harped on it and I am sure not a day went by that she did not think about this thing she did not want to happen to her child.

Nine months later, she birthed a beautiful baby boy and within six months he began to show traits of the same thing she worried about. I know we can say perhaps it was destined, science explains it. Isn’t that how genes work? So whether she worried or not, there was a chance of it happening.

We do not know much of it was attraction, how much was genetics? The 23% chance of it happening could have been the possibly 77% chance of it not happening.

I think my story got all convoluted some where in the middle. I guess this happens when writing begins on the seed of a thought which grows and evolves into some other thought.

But my basic message remains, enjoy the little things and enjoy the big things more.

I. Trudie Palmer
One Love




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Ilis Trudie Palmer

Ilis Trudie Palmer

I write on what pleases me, most times offering one dose of upfulness in each story. https://esotericgardenskn.com| https://ko-fi.com/ilistrudiepalmerauthorkn

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