Exploring Forgiveness

Find your way through the murkiness to free yourself

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For many of us, it is difficult to forgive others for the wrongs they might have done to us. It is even more difficult for us to forgive ourselves for the wrongs that were self-inflicted. Forgiving and the willingness to forgive is an important aspect of living and thriving. We are all spirits in a strange, though beautiful place, engaging in the strange but still beautiful dance of life so mistakes will be made, it's as inevitable as breathing — we will hurt people and people will hurt us.

I have difficulty in forgiving persons, especially those I would have held close to me, and then later discovered that they perpetuated some act of betrayal that resulted in my feeling hurt and pain and anger. It is the human in me, the human in all of us, and though I have been working on forgiving and letting go, it’s proving to be quite the challenge.

Over time, I have grown to understand through meditation and seeking that things happen the way they do because I attract the persons and situations into my life for the lessons to be gleaned from the interaction. On occasions, I sit here in my now and declare, “I would not have chosen that experience!” But the plan was to come and live and experience the good, bad and indifferent, with every interaction aimed at contributing to the expansion of the universe. Unfortunately forgiving still remains a strenuous undertaking.

Someone once told me that forgiveness was for the one forgiving, not for the forgiven and he was absolutely correct. The act of forgiving creates space within us — space that we can fill with positive vibrations, with love, with peace, with happiness. Is this not a better option? Or do we prefer holding onto the hate and bitterness, the anger and the hurt?

If we look at practicing forgiveness as being for us and not the other person, it demonstrates the love and care we have for ourselves.

It shows that we understand the karmic ties to persons and events.

That we have a clear knowing that our visit here is to live and grow and love and experience.

That to forgive is to forget into forever.

Forgive. Forget. Forever.

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Ilis Trudie Palmer

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