Here’s One Practice You Undeniably Owe Your Present

Life is too short for anything else.

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It’s not with too much difficulty, that we often let our present moment be intertwined with chaos — chaos that’s clearly unnecessary.

We’d do fine (and the best) without letting the flow of our present be distracted by anything else — but that’s what our sly minds are conditioned to fight.

We struggle against what’s not our present;

We’re so good at constantly viewing our ‘now’ from the lens of our past and future;

A past that’s come and gone, and a future that’s not even close to certainty.

We owe our present much more than what we acknowledge — and it is a practice that we need to build, repeat, and keep at.

Our thoughts are the guiding light to what we practice (consciously and otherwise), and we’re truly hardwired to keep from experiencing our present fully.

If there’s one practice that we consciously need to work on, to make the most out of our present, it is:

To not be defined by our past, or to be held back by our version of a future — both of those being too far away from our reality of ‘right now’.

Tabula Rasa is a concept that means having a blank slate — a clear mind, so to say;

It means that we don’t succumb to what’s been, what might, what could, or what if;

It means that we view our own mind as that of a newborn baby’s — one that’s free from any preconceived notions;

It means that we take not only every day as a newborn baby’s first moment on this planet — but every moment itself;

We owe each of our ‘right now’ a tabula rasa.

We owe our present zero limitations from the experiences of a past that’s gone, and from a future that is tinted by our expectations.

In order to truly live and breathe each moment as fully as possible, we must remind ourselves of what we owe to it — and what is in our capacity and control to benefit from.

Life is too short to be inhibited by anything that is not our ‘now’.

Practising to treat our own mind as a clean slate, is not a one-off act that can be done away with — it’s something we must do over and over again, with every new day, every new moment, every new experience, and every new opportunity.

So, the next time you find yourself drifting to something that no longer is, and to what’s not even guaranteed, gently get yourself back to what is.



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