Here’s What Science Says About Attachments In Unhealthy Relationships

Intermittent Reward Systems In Relationships and Beyond


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I find relationships fascinating, especially unhealthy ones. Why is it that all the red flags in the world can be staring us right in the face and yet we continue to pine after and remain attached to people who mistreat us or are otherwise unavailable; emotionally or physically?

It’s a question you may have asked yourself once or others in your life under similar circumstances. Surely if someone wasn’t good for us we’d be able to detach ourselves from them?

If only it were that simple.

When we’re being actively mistreated or experiencing hot and cold behaviors, on a psychological level, there is far more going on than you might originally think. This is why learning about psychology and the human mind is so important when bringing awareness to our everyday behaviors. Without proper awareness of psychology, we run the risk of being run by our brains.

So why are unhealthy relational patterns so addictive, and how can we begin to untether ourselves from them when we find ourselves trapped?

Here’s what the science says.

Unhealthy Dynamics and Intermittent Reward Systems



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