Here's Why Equality Can Never Be Possible

The pattern among humans that justifies this

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No two people can be equal. Why? The plain answer is, we all play status games. We all have one skill, belong to one group, or partake in one activity in which we get some form of superiority over the next person.

And whether you're conscious of it or not, it's there.

Think of people who flaunt their wealth on Instagram. This is the general idea everyone holds about what status is. We generally think status is about money, but that's not the complete story.

While the wealth flaunters are playing a status game, the people criticizing them and telling you how unnecessary flaunting your wealth is, also play a status game. They're trying to show you how they're more virtuous or wiser than the wealth flaunters for not shoving their wealth on everyone's faces.

No matter what we pursue. No matter what we believe in, there will never be equality because humans have brains, which allows us to think, and thinking shapes our mindset. And your mindset shapes your actions. For example, how much effort you put into things.

Take two billionaires, for example. One person prioritized work. He spent countless hours working, which led him to his success. So he goes on Twitter (for example), signaling to his audience how long hours is the way to get rich.

He remains consistent, and his audience grows. And his model becomes the template for getting rich.

Then there's the guy who prioritizes arts and hedonism. To him, life is about pleasure. It's about enjoying the finer things of life. And in his laid-back ways, he somehow got rich.

His message will be different from the workaholic. He'll criticize people working long hours and letting you know that there's more to life than endless work.

So if he uses Twitter too, he'll share his stories about his travels and his pleasure-driven adventures. Build an audience. And in no time, he'll build an army of people who got rich using his template.

Even if they're both worth the same amount — $5 billion, for example — they will each feel superior to each other because of their respective actions. For the workaholic, it's his ability to outwork the average person. And the pleasure seeker, it's the adventures he has gotten, which not many people will experience in their entire lives.

If you pay enough attention to people, you'll see that everyone is just playing status games.

One person criticizes one thing and shows you his solution. You agree and follow him. And he gets his status(esteem) from your followership.

We play status games to get our esteem needs. Everyone has that thing that gives them esteem. For some, it's their age. Others is how much weight they can lift at the gym. Or how well they can cook. Or how smart they are. Or the cars they drive or the gadgets they own, or their fashion sense, etc. And even in these things, there are still subsets.

For example, there are Android users attacking iPhone users. Xbox users attacking the PlayStation users. Millennials attacking the Baby Boomers. It goes on and on.

Even the drunk guy at the bar you see and might say to yourself how much of a loser he is may also be playing a status game. Tomorrow he'll boast to his friends about how much alcohol he can stomach. And even if he doesn't say it out loud, deep inside, he'll have the confidence of being a better drinker than most people.

As human beings, no matter how much you level the playing field for everyone, there will still be notable differences. Classes will still form — no matter how petty.

There are always patterns. Watch people closely, and you'll see it.




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