How Our Wounded Ego Stops Us From Authentic Expression


Photograph by Vladimir Srajber on Pexels

On the path to authenticity, awareness is only half the battle. You can have all the awareness in the world as to what you should be doing — a valuable step — but action is where we’ll truly begin to shine.

Because despite what our thoughts might tell us, it’s our actions that speak louder. Take my creative work, for example. I call myself a writer because I have hundreds of articles as evidence to define this part of myself. When it comes to my limiting beliefs: the ones that tell me I’m unworthy, and that I shouldn’t express myself how I’d like to, I also have a range of behaviours that keep them alive.

Which is where inauthenticity comes in.

For those of us who struggle to express ourselves, we’ll likely be showing up in ways that only reaffirm the underlying belief that we shouldn’t be who we are. A false self, some would call, this suffocating armour needs to come down in order for us to begin living the life we want.

But the Ego, our sense of identity, longs to maintain what it has always known. Eckhart Tolle would say those of us with sense of selves (Egos) that are limiting in nature are marred by “pain-bodies”. A pain-body, to paraphrase Tolle, is the build up of unprocessed trauma/hurt that remains in the body and mind, influencing our self-view to a point where we…



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