How To Benefit From Highly Energetic Places

Sometimes they show you miracles, this is what I experienced.

Lucien Lecarme
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9 min readMar 1, 2020


Photographer: Lucien Lecarme, All Rights Reserved

Rain drizzled from a grey sky on that late October afternoon in Ibiza. I just led a Dutch family to a place called Atlantis. From there, we had to make a steep climb to see Es Vedra, an amazing rock formation in the south-west of the island. The parents tired, the kids loving it. I turned my head to the left to take one last glance at Atlantis, the place where the Phoenicians took out big blocks of sandstone to build the walls of Ibiza town.

What I saw next took all my breath away

A huge perfect spiral in the sea, at least 2 km wide.

My brain could not place this image immediately, but my body felt it directly, in a nanosecond. This was a miracle of nature. A real present was given to me when I least expected it.

My photographer's instinct survived this energetic blast and I quickly took out my Nokia 43 megapixel camera phone. I took that one shot. Then I turned around to the family and pointed at the miracle.

Yes, Yes, A spiral. Can we go home now?

Didn’t they see it? Or were they just too tired? I decided to have a last look at this amazing phenomenon of nature, and I led the family safe home.

Later I Googled ‘Spiral in the ocean’, and found nothing.

This is a story about what living in front of a powerspot has given me apart from the spiral, and how you can benefit from energetically highly charged places. They can literally change your life in a nanosecond.

What are powerspots?

The earth has places of high vibration. This often goes hand in hand with extreme beauty. Think of Uluru in Australia, the sacred ancestral creator spirit from the Dreamtime of the Aborigines. Or the Egyptian pyramids.

Powerspots are places where new information enters the world. On those often famous spots, a calibration takes place.

They are the chakras of the earth. Acupuncturists will treat the centre points of chakras to re-centre the body. The powerspots on the earth are



Lucien Lecarme
Change Your Mind Change Your Life

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