How To Find Your Life’s Purpose

We all incarnated with a plan

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Why do most people become passive overtime?

Let’s not assume it won’t happen to us. As long as we’re standing in a line to get the latest iPhone, or wasting our time to be accepted into an exclusive club as an example, it means unimportant matters matter to us, and this is passivity.

We’ve all heard that we all have a soul’s purpose, a mission, a reason behind why we’re here.

Deep inside each one of us, there is a yearning; we want to do something that invigorates us, something that brings us back to life, something that vivifies our flame — our passion.

For some, this passion is to join the military. For others, it’s to become a singer. For some it’s being a veterinarian. For others, it’s about being a business owner. And so on.

Underneath the thick layer of our conditioning, we know what that something is. Yet, we rarely take action towards making it happen.

Why? Because we can’t right now? Because we have too many responsibilities? Because we don’t have enough financial resources? Because we didn’t go to college? Because we lack skills?

The reason are endless.

What creates those reasons? Do you want the truest answer? Will you believe it? They say truth is simple. This answer is the simplest.

Plain and simply, it’s our attachments. Our attachments create those reasons.

As we go through certain routines/lifestyles, we become attached to them. They mean “security” to us. Do not underestimate how tightly attached we are to our routines at an unconscious level.

And why are we attached? Because we believe the world is in a certain way. Our beliefs make us attached. And attachments create fears.

What’s not always simple to realize is that, we have a soul with its agenda — the silent yearning to do something that makes us truly happy. But, we also have an instrument, which is this body with its mind.

Most of us identify with this instrument we’re using. And because we do so, we take our soul less seriously when our soul is supposed to be the user of this body-mind instrument, and not the other way around.

On one hand, we have our soul wanting to experience what’s in its agenda. On the other, we have our unconscious rigid beliefs that fear change.

There’s a face to face between both. And this conflict, as long as it’s left to itself, creates a silent frustration within each one of us.

How does this frustration expresses itself in the world?

When it’s subtle, it’s the restlessness we all experience. We’re rarely able to just relax, be at peace with Life, and appreciate each instant. We’re always on the run. Trivial matters such as sex, travel, food, distractions become meaningful to us. And the more we consume — the more we want, turning us into the compulsive, addicted and ill machines we’ve all become.

When it’s extreme, it’s the violence, the horrors and the brutality some people commit.

Somehow, this pattern seems to be a general trend in this particular plane of existence. Most people live in quiet desperation. Perhaps, it’s a lesson we have to learn as a collective. Perhaps, it’s a lesson about owning our power, setting boundaries and taking a leadership role in our lives.

The good news is that a soul doesn’t reason like our body-mind instrument does. Our soul knows the “hidden” mechanisms of Life. A soul knows that it can accomplish anything. A soul knows that no matter what situation it finds itself in, it’s fun because all a soul wants to do is learn.

As we heal our emotional wounds and limiting beliefs, we tune our instrument to our soul. And just as it was meant to happen, our soul uses our body and mind as a “vessel” to experience life on Earth, or anywhere else, and fulfill its agenda.

This alignment with our soul, and with the Higher Principles of Life is how we grow. And there is no limit to how much we can grow, as long as we’re willing to.



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