How To Give More the Easy Way

It’s all about the fill up

Filling Up. Image captured by Ilis Trudie Palmer

You are so full of yourself,” I laughingly scolded a friend. We were talking about art and creativity, and he admiringly showed me a piece he was working on. It was beauty in the becoming. “I am the best, a genius,” he declared which prompted my comment.

He is a genius; I agree but hearing someone say it about themselves was strange to my ears. We are taught to be modest and self-effacing. Especially if we are women. I do not know who instilled this lesson in us to be like this — must have been our mothers.

We love you, Mom!

My friend’s response was so accurate and so insightful that I had to write it down.

He commented with, “How can I not be full of myself, if I am to give of myself? I cannot give from an empty vessel.

I stared at him; he had dropped a nugget — sage words that I should remember for myself and share with others.

And this goes for everything in our lives,

“you have to be filled with it, to be able to share it.”




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Ilis Trudie Palmer

Ilis Trudie Palmer

I write on what pleases me, most times offering one dose of upfulness in each story. https://esotericgardenskn.com| https://ko-fi.com/ilistrudiepalmerauthorkn

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