I Met a [Millionaire] Professor Who Embraces Confidence in Retirement. I Like That.

Well, because he makes sense.

Aldric Chen
Change Your Mind Change Your Life


A young chap posing for the camera shoot.
He made me think hard 20 years ago. 20 years later, he made me think even harder. Photo by Tamara Shchypchynska on Unsplash

I know this millionaire professor in person.

He taught me management accounting in B-school.

I was back in my college last weekend. The day was burning at 35 Degrees Celsius, so my friend and I stopped by my Alma Mater for drinks. We were on our way to the train station.

Prof Huang was there having his lunch.

I walked over and greeted him.

He recognized me.

We started talking. The good old days. The simple days. Those muggeroo days.

And then, we pivoted to my pet topic.

“What are your thoughts on retirement, Prof?”

True to his academic provocative nature, he asked me for my thoughts first.

“I asked you, and you asked me back. Okay, let’s see. This is what I know.”

I rattled off what I know plus extracted highlights from my conversations with current-day retirees. Yes, I rattled off. I spoke for 10 minutes without taking a sip of water.

My invisible PowerPoint covered,

  • Money,



Aldric Chen
Change Your Mind Change Your Life

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