I Think Success Is Like a Relationship

Here’s what I mean

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For a relationship to work, you have to remain loyal through the good and bad times. You have to stick with your partner through the annoying times. You have to love and be patient with her so you don’t ruin the relationship.

I believe this is how business and success are in general. Loyalty is important. I go through very annoying months when things don’t go according to plan.

I’d feel like giving up and start thinking of what side hustle to do to complement what I’m already doing. But I’ve noticed that this isn’t healthy. Because there are so many people out there doing the same thing I’m doing and getting good results. The difference is just the level of insights and persistence (maybe).

Imagine being in a relationship, and because you have an issue with your partner, you go out to look for happiness in someone else. Isn’t this a recipe for failure?

You always hear the ultra-successful people talk about persistence. But because we’ve heard it so much, we don’t see how deep it is. Sticking to something through thick and thin is how you win.

And this is the mindset I’m trying to cultivate. I want to be able to focus on one thing through bad times and not jump on something new. Because I believe this is how you learn the secrets of your craft.




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