Increase Your Confidence by Catching Yourself Doing Things Right

Too many times, we focus on shortcomings and inadequacies instead of what we did right.

Laine Kaleja
Change Your Mind Change Your Life
5 min readJan 15, 2021


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Self-blame is awful.

You keep on analyzing and playing out scenarios in your mind about how you should have done things differently. “Why I didn’t do that?” “Why I didn’t think of this?” “Why I didn’t consult with him/her?”

It drains the energy and distracts the focus. Eventually, if you get to the analysis-paralysis moment, you might just stop doing anything. “I just don’t know how.” “I always make mistakes.”

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever heard is from the pastor Steven Furtick:

“Don’t judge yesterday’s decision with today’s wisdom. It will paralyze you.” — Steven Furtick

Aim For Improvement Instead Of Perfection

A lot of us are such perfectionists. It’s like we only accept successful outcomes and the right decisions.

Perfectionism comes from the notion that we need to arrive at certain decisions (specific goal), and there is only a certain way to get there. To get there, we must be good enough.

We pressure ourselves, fearing that we won’t get there if we make a mistake along the way. We become so focused on our shortcomings, inadequacies, and lacks that we miss out on praising ourselves for the improvement we have made.

In reality, everything is in constant change. We are gaining new knowledge and wisdom every day. We better be. If we have a growth mindset, we become smarter, wiser, and more experienced every day instead of a fixed mindset.

Therefore, the way we see things is also constantly shifting. What seemed to be the right decision yesterday might not feel as right anymore today because we are evaluating from a broader and wiser perspective.

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Laine Kaleja
Change Your Mind Change Your Life

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