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A blink of an eye, Boom, all is gone like it has never been before. What is life? All the experiences that have passed, are they real? Did it really happen? All indications prove that words are not true, Thoughts are nothing but illusions and reality cannot be described or thought with a bias view because it simply is infinite . Beliefs do create worlds and make themselves seem true through manifestations. But beyond all that, beyond the beyond, all of that is still illusion. Break down from the illusion of physicality and find yourself in the energy illusions. All are the same, the difference is simply a matter of degree. As you go through the scale of consciousness you have more and more insights until you transcend all the mental masturbation and embrace your infinity.

Infinity. That’s the pace to dwell, that’s the real home. The place of return when all this is gone. So now there’s this experience, just passing in a blink of an eye. While you are at it, be there, live, witness things unfold, raise from infinity and then return back again to nothingness. As the images of the outside are begging for attention, stay still. Hold on to your inner truth and let the world pass as it may. Watch it with no reaction. Let every moment reveal a state of bliss and wellbeing and now you are free. Free from desire, Free from the trappings of this world. You let it be and transcend all this.

How can he lose the way? Who is beyond the way. The Dhammapada

Does the lord of a great empire go out begging for rice? TAO TE CHING

Stay in your inner kingdom. There, there is nothing you cannot do. Look at life from above. Watch people interact and react and realize that you are free from all that. You have been saved from the illusion and now only truth remains. You are free and every place in infinity is the perfect place to b. What a blessed existence it is. To be, to live, to breathe in and out, knowing that you are infinite in all aspects, to know that you are loved by god and to be able to access your heart. Now life is a manifestation of infinite love. God is by your side and you are so grateful for every moment you are experiencing this duality in this infinite universe.



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