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International Kindness Team — EXPOSED!

From: International Kindness Team Headquarters
To: The Secret Agents of Kindness
Date: Every Day


We have learned of a powerful antidote to counteract the hate, violence, and negativity plaguing the global community. This highly potent antidote is called KINDNESS and it exists within you.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to consistently complete acts of anonymous kindness in ways that help you feel good about yourself.

To successfully complete this mission, you’ll need to take time to regularly engage in spontaneous acts of kindness, those opportunities for doing something thoughtful that appear suddenly, like holding doors open for others, smiling at strangers on the street, and letting people go ahead of you in line at the grocery store. That sort of thing.

Your anonymity remains intact in that the recipients of these acts of kindness do not know who you are (if it helps, imagine you’re wearing a cape and mask).

Additionally, to complete this mission in the way it is intended, you’ll need to consistently do things that require some advanced planning on your part, like baking cookies for your co-workers and making them available when no one is watching.

As you gain experience completing acts of anonymous kindness, you’ll find yourself filling with an inner warmth that stays with you after you’ve completed each act. When you’re really aligned, you’ll feel like you’re tapping into something greater than yourself.

While you’re considering this mission, please review these words from Agent X-99 in the field. In a recent report to IKT HQ she noted:

“I gave something small and got back so much in return, imagining the person I helped. Maybe it will change the way they see the world. It sure changed my perspective!”

For our purposes here as secret agents of kindness, Agent X-99’s reflections are a great thing to note. Our small actions have the potential to make a huge difference, both in the lives of others and in improving our own attitudes. Small acts are often easy and very available, which may be why we sometimes think they don’t count.

Yet as Vincent Van Gogh said:

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

If you agree with this, then focusing your attention on tidying up the small things may be what accomplishes the big ones. Or as Agent X-99 also reported:

“Even the smallest drop in the pond radiates outwards.”

In other words, agents, please don’t judge any of your kindness ideas as being too small.

Should your actions or those of any of the International Kindness Team be exposed, it will increase the positive ripple effect of creating more kindness in the world.

Good luck, agents. The world is counting on you.

(I hope this article is received with the playfulness with which it was written, and that the significance of completing small acts of anonymous kindness is clear. I have created “secret” missions of kindness and compassion for the international Compassion Games since 2012. Learn more at The illustrations in this article were drawn by artist Fish Astronaut.)