Isn’t Wondering Just the Same Thing as Worrying?

I’m asking for a friend.

When I keep my hands busy with things like yard work or weeding my garden, my brain does it’s own mental yoga.

My brain is rarely quiet.

Yesterday I was doing some planting , and my brain took me down a path that led to this thought:

Isn’t wondering just the same thing as worrying?

Here’s an example: I’ve been wondering about all these things and more.

Wondering if I get enough exercise.

Wondering if I should add in more weight training.

Wondering about the car repairs my son needs to make.

Wondering when I’ll start playing my fiddle again.

Wondering what I’ll make for dinner.

Wondering if I’ll get my online course ready to launch this fall.

Wondering about the health of a friend.


Stepping back, this looks like worrying in disguise.

I wouldn’t use the word worrier to describe myself, but I’m realizing I spend a lot of time wondering how things are going.

Awareness is key right? Now that I have my key, I have the answer.

The answer is Trust. Trusting and knowing that everything is ok.

We’re all guided by a higher intelligence, so I don’t need to wonder about all the details.

If I need to take action steps or make a correction, I’ll be led to do that.

This awareness also tells me I need to meditate more. I had slipped away from it.

It’s time to get back into both times of quiet stillness as well as meditation during movement.

I wrote about that a few months ago:

I also need to slow down. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. While I take breaks, I’m still in go-go-go mode most the time.

Wondering about things has been such a part of my human personality that it just felt natural.

I don’t have to judge the habit or condemn it. Chances are, I’ll frequently wonder about things in the future. It’s compatible with my “problem solving” skills.

But now I can ask myself, is wondering about this constructive? Or is it worry slipping in through the back door?

If it’s worry, I can reframe my thought and remind myself why I can trust instead.

What have you been wondering about?