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Join Me at a Free Virtual Summit: Tools for a Good Life

August 4–6

Hey there, It’s Christine from Change Your Mind-Change Your Life at Medium.

I came across a resource that fits nicely with the mission here at Change Your Mind-Change Your Life. Because you’re a reader here, I have the feeling you’re going to love this…

I’m speaking at the virtual Tools For a Good Life Summit this August 4–6th!

For the first time together, 20 masters of the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit reveal the tools you can implement ON THE SPOT to improve your life.

And you can join us VIRTUALLY and FOR FREE. Register here for FREE.

Check out the speaker list:

It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent 20 years looking within or 20 minutes… All it takes is to RESONATE with ONE PERSON and this summit will transform the way you look at your life!

Over 3 days, from August 4th-6th, each one of us 20 speakers will be revealing the exact next steps we would take to get unstuck and thrive in the 2nd half of life….

Would you like to join us? Grab your free ticket here!

I’ll see you there,





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Dr. Christine Bradstreet

Dr. Christine Bradstreet

I help Type A’s find their Zen. Editor of Change Your Mind Change Your Life. I wrote a book to help you be happy. Get yours at

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