Let the Children Play

the image is of a little black girl dressed in grey sweats and a bright pink flower on the top. she is in a park and getting ready to slide down what looks like a giant slide; there is a look of nervous excitement on her face.
+Photo by Paris Lopez on Unsplash

Our community got some playground equipment for a green area in the center of the village. They came from another community and were being gifted to us. There were swings, jungle gyms, slides, seesaw, and several other pieces, and people went all to pieces. They were upset, asking why we had to get some other community’s hand-me-downs; if our children did not deserve new play equipment like everyone else.

Historically, my community has been a depressed and repressed one, and economic opportunities used to be few and far between. We lived poor. Now things have changed, but to a large extent the mentality has remained and we walk around with giant chips on our shoulders, looking for the slightest reason to cry out discrimination.

I listened as parts of the unfolding story were related to me, and I shook my head. We were missing the pasture for the grass. We were not even thinking about our children but were leaning on our hang-ups.

Those children will not care were the toys came from, they are going to have a very happy summer playing on them,” I said to my mother and cousin. We all agreed.

Two night ago, I was returning home and drove past the area. The air was filled with peals of loud laughter, and shouts of delight. The children were enjoying the seesaw. There were about eight of them on it, four on each side, trying to see the saw.

My heart grew light and my sprit soared. It was about them.

I wish we would keep out children out of the fray and deal with our adult fears on our own.

Ilis Trudie Palmer
One Love
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I am author to two books of tiny stories, Chronicles of an Awakening Soul (2021) and Let the Sun Shine on My Face (2022); both are available here.



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Ilis Trudie Palmer

Ilis Trudie Palmer

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