Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Who Is the Darkest Personality Type of Them All?

😈Let’s explore the darker side of personality types…


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I’m intrigued by the darker side of our personalities.

To the point where I spent over a decade studying the brain to unravel the mysteries of the mind and why people do what they do. Then made a career of looking into the minds of others.

The dark triad of personality fascinates me, through television and media we are all well aware of the toxic and dangerous traits of narcissists, social paths and psychopaths.

But there is a new contender in town for the tournament of toxic personalities, maybe one you wouldn’t expect — The Dark Empath. And people with this personality trait might be the most dangerous of them all…

What is a Dark Empath and What Makes Them More Dangerous?

Dark empathy is a personality trait that is made up of the maladaptive ‘Dark Triad’ of personality traits, but it holds a higher degree of empathy.

A dark empath personality typically possesses malevolent character traits. But the higher levels of cognitive empathy will be used to manipulate, exploit and even abuse others.

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