Most of It Is Just Instincts

Would you listen to it?

Photo by Christopher Bill on Unsplash

Sometimes, I look back on the decisions I’ve made to get to where I am and how most of them didn’t come from popular knowledge, but actually what I felt was right for me at that moment.

This reminds me of how some of the greats in the world achieved many feats, which made people call them crazy, but the whole time just followed their instincts. And got to where they are today.

But the problem today is, most of our instincts are covered with external influences like fear and what-ifs.

We now try to mask this fear with endless research, excuses, and waiting for something to happen before you start, like buying a new computer or something. And the thing is, it would seem like we’re making progress, but months and years would go by and we’re still waiting for things to be perfect first.

But when we can actually keep our fears aside and listen to that still voice in our heads, and take action, that’s when we’d do the extraordinary. That’s when we’d start to see changes.

But how many of us will actually listen to it?

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