My Own Story of Chronic Pain and Chronic Symptoms

When I say I understand, I really understand.


Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

I’m sharing with you my own story of chronic pain and chronic symptoms because when I say I understand what you’re feeling right now, I want you to believe me.

I’m not some well meaning friend or family member trying to cheer you up because they had back pain once, or a bad headache once.

Nope. I know what it felt like to be frustrated to tears (for years). I know what it felt like to pray for the pain and symptoms to go away. I know what it felt like to just resign myself to a life of feeling crappy even though I led a healthy life and I looked fine on the outside.

Please know, I don’t share this story as any sort of comparison or for sympathy about my past. I don’t share it to scare anyone. I simply want to talk about it as a means to helping people truly know and believe that if I could get out of pain and overcome my symptoms, you can too.

For years, I was a perfect example of what NOT to do to get out of pain. But I finally hit the right recipe, and I’m sharing what I learned with you here. Thanks for being here!

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