“Nice People” Hold the Most Frustration

Managing Frustration When You’re Getting Sick of Everything


Photograph by Pixabay on Pexels

The above picture is an accurate description of how I felt this morning. Begrudgingly waking up to go to the gym only to head home 30 minutes in as I could feel my frustration bubbling under the surface.

There’s no point trying to shift through this mood, I thought, I’ll take the day off and go and do some writing, instead.

There’s just something about waking up to a new day and having to commit to a day-job that I don’t want to do that grinds my gears. I’d rather be writing, or at least doing something else that doesn’t take up 10 hours of my day and leave me feeling depleted by the end of it. I’m also slightly burnt out, I can tell, and need a holiday.

I know this is not a unique struggle, I sense there are a few of you reading this who can also relate. Maybe you have your own idea of what you wish you were doing, but have to show up otherwise.

Frustration is an emotions we all feel, but for us “nice people” who are more likely to put up a front rather than express our emotions, it can be especially toxic. My outer self often feels like a dam holding back a reservoir of internal negativity but instead of expressing it, I let it simmer.



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