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Self Help Gurus Don’t Tell You This —

A story about the power of your beliefs, but it’s not what you think.

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You’re a reader at Change Your Mind-Change Your Life, so the idea that your beliefs shape your world probably isn’t new to you. You’ve said an affirmation or two in your life. There’s a catch though, a side to empowering beliefs that the self help gurus don’t tell you.

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The power of belief has always fascinated me. Decades ago I dove deep into the theory, but I’ve come to realize almost no one talks about the flip side of the empowering beliefs coin.

Developing positive thoughts and beliefs about your health, your self, and your abilities helps you feel more capable and more self assured. Empowering beliefs feel good, and I’m all for that, but there’s another level beyond empowering beliefs, and it’s attainable.

Let’s take your toes to the edge of your empowering beliefs and step beyond them.

When you step beyond your empowering beliefs, you realize you’re enough and everything will be okay with or without any belief, ritual, circumstance or routine. This is how you step beyond any belief.

You don’t need perfect circumstances. You don’t need the stars to align, or to eat the perfect food, or to wake up on the right side of the bed. You have everything you need inside of you, and it can never be depleted.

How much power do you give your healthy beliefs?

Not long ago, I was on a call with a fellow coach and yogi. He was uncomfortable admitting it, but he told us he let himself sleep in that day. He was sure it was going to throw him off his game. He had also been sick for a week and his body felt like it needed the extra sleep that day.

In his mind, though, it was a problem for him. He built his reputation on being “high-vibe” all the time, and he felt without his morning routine, he wasn’t going to be able to be show up for us. He felt like he had let us down.

I use this example to show you the shadowy side of empowering beliefs. Empowering beliefs are exactly what they say they are. They’re beliefs. They may make you feel powerful, but they’re still beliefs.

Power that rests on the foundation of any belief is easy toppled.

Would I rather have empowering beliefs than dis-empowering beliefs? Yes, for sure. They feel a lot better than disempowering beliefs and they help me realize more of what I want to see in my life.

But, beliefs are still beliefs, and every belief has its unspoken opposite. Think of a coin. It has a head side and a tail side and they’re both an integral part of the coin. You can’t separate the head from the tail of a coin. And you can’t separate the unspoken, subconscious negative side from a positive belief.

If you believe you have productive, high-vibe days because of your morning routine, you also hold the unspoken, or even subconscious, belief that if you skip your morning routine you won’t have a productive, high-vibe day.

Here’s the secret. You don’t have a high-vibe day because of your morning routine, you have a high-vibe day because of who you are. The center of your being, what’s called your authentic self, doesn’t need routines, rituals, or rigid diets to be whole.

Think of the depths of the ocean. A storm can ravage the surface, but the depth of the ocean is untouched. That’s you at your core. The part of you that is a spark of The Divine isn’t changed or swayed by anything that’s happening in the material world.

Any belief can go overboard, even the good ones.

Take this away from today’s writing. Instead of believing you need some external thing to help you feel powerful, come to trust that you’re as solid and unshakable as the depth of the ocean.

This isn’t an excuse to throw healthy habits out the window. The more you connect with your authentic self, or the spark of The Divine that’s within you, the more you’ll be attracted to healthy habits. You’ll be attracted to them not from any sort of rule or dogmatism, but you’ll be aligned with healthy habits and they’ll feel good. Unhealthy habits simply won’t appeal to you.

Everything you need is inside of you now, and everything is going to be ok.

Thanks for being here. See you next week!
Christine Bradstreet, Change Your Mind-Change Your Life Editor



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