Sometimes the Only Way to Make Sense of Our Present Is to Let It Pass

Hindsight patiently holds the answers we seek.

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

While we live in and for, the present — doing so doesn’t necessarily mean that we are able to put things into perspective, automatically as we go along.

We do, we experience, and we feel, in the present — but understanding it in its entirety is not a certainty;

What is certain though, is how such happenings are beyond our control;

Sometimes, no matter how hard we fight for making sense of things — they just don’t;

And that is okay too — accepting that it is not (always) within our control, is the only way to control our response to it.

Sometimes, taking control of what we can, means we need to take a step back, to be able to take the next essential step forward.

It’s more like a continuous reinforcement that we need to practice training our minds with, and that’s how slowly yet steadily, we take control of our present — by allowing it to happen, and to run its course.

This story, one of many from Buddha’s teachings, is key to understanding how our mind is naturally inclined to work, and what we must consciously action, in order to make the most out of what we experience — and that means, we need to let things be.

Sometimes, it’s not about trying as hard as we (think) we can, but about learning how and when to stop.

More often than not, we can truly have our questions answered, only when the present has sunk in to a past.

There are good reasons as to why happenings of our present can sometimes leave us in a state of chaos, and such reasons are bound to vary for you, and me — but what matters is that we choose to believe in them, and choose to have in faith in them unfolding in their own time.

It’s not about being indifferent towards things, just because it beats our perception now — but it’s about realizing that we owe it to our lives to allow ourselves the necessary amount of time, to learn our way into understanding the ‘why’ behind our ‘what’.

It’s only a matter of time until our present transforms into hindsight, for us to be able to know what we’re meant to.

So, the next time you find yourself losing to defining the present — allow it to pass instead — know that you will be given the chance to define it, at the right time.



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