Three Ingredients of Success

Discipline, quality, and…

The fruits of your labor
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Discipline, Quality, and Time

Discipline is about showing up

Quality is how well you show up

  1. Educate yourself about your craft to know what to do.
  2. Optimize your conditions to work at your peak performance.
  3. Constantly evaluate your results or lack thereof to adjust yourself.

Time and patience are needed

Congrats, you became an overnight rap sensation, but what about your dream to design clothes?

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  • You may be disciplined for the next decade, but if your work is not quality, you will not maximize the rewards, especially if you’re competing in an oversaturated niche.
  • You may bring quality to the table for 20 years, but if you do it sporadically, your building blocks don’t add up in time. Blake Griffin’s dunk record wouldn’t be as impressive if he averages one dunk a season.
  • Being disciplined and providing quality work for three months will unlikely give you the same results as those who put three years to three decades of sheer passion.



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