Take Ownership of Your Improvement

Be more than what everyone thinks you can be

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Should we ever stop striving for improvement?

From the time we were babies, we observed our surroundings and listened to our instincts to grow and improve ourselves. That’s essentially what we are. We learned to walk and talk. We were far from perfect, but we slowly fixed our weaknesses and grew.

Over time, still comparing ourselves to the standard set by people around us, we got an education and a job, maybe even a hobby, to live and take care of ourselves in this world. We spent years, decades even, becoming a part of a society and learned as much as we could from the world outside.

But do our weaknesses die once we become like everyone around us?

On the surface, maybe. To the world around us, we may be fine, we may be accomplished even because we’ve become something they recognize as successful. But are we?

Beyond the surface of life, in our deeper chasms, there’s much left to explore. There are things in us that we alone notice and see, things that we know hold us back in some way — we need to tend to each of these things and do our best to improve them.

We need to continue our journey inwards if we haven’t done this already

We need to look to our universe within and find our weaknesses and inadequacies, and work on strengthening them, so that we may become a bit more complete every day. We need to break free and follow the self-fulfilling journey of filling in the gaps we have within.

The world outside may have helped us begin our journey, but we have to finish it for ourselves

It is our individual responsibility to learn who we are and what it means to be us, to see what our deeper chasms reveal to us about ourselves. It isn’t something easy or something everyone looks forward to — if it was, everyone would do it. But it is a righteous path we each must embark on for ourselves so that we don’t have to suffer never exploring our potential.

So, to answer my first question, we should never stop striving for improvement — we just need to break free of comparing ourselves to others alone and live the rest of our lives according to a standard we set for ourselves.

And embrace the never-ending process of being better than we were

But You Need To Recognize Your Weaknesses

You need to know what improvement means to you, so you need to see where your own weaknesses lie before you decide to fix them. It’s very difficult for you to improve what you cannot see for yourself, so focus on seeing where your weaknesses lie.

They wouldn’t be entirely new to you, you could have been seeing them your whole life — it’s just that now you’re focusing on improving them. It could mean wanting to speak better, being the calm and rational person in the room, or always broadening your understanding of situations so that you can approach them better.

But whatever your weaknesses are, find them and take ownership of them

Don’t take them so personally that you destroy your self-worth, let them rather help you work on becoming more worthy of yourself.

And After Recognition Comes Responsibility

Now that you see where your weak points are, you may begin to notice them more often than you should, that’s something related to the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon — this is when your awareness of something increases, and you begin to notice it way more often than you once did.

This is good. This moment is well explained by Morgan Freeman in Evan Almighty when he says that when we pray for something, we aren’t given it on a silver platter, we’re given opportunities in our everyday lives to get it.

So, if you wish to stop lying or to be brave, you won’t be given these virtues on a silver platter. Instead, you will notice yourself being asked to be otherwise in a moment, but now you will have an opportunity to be honest or brave, you will have an opportunity to be better than you were.

So whatever your weaknesses are, understand that you won’t be immediately saved by them when you recognize them, but you will be given opportunities in your everyday life to improve them — this is how the universe will help you make yourself better.

Your improvement will forever be your responsibility — you decide how great you will be.

Photo by David Suarez on Unsplash

More than anything else, we are our responsibility. If we never do anything to change or improve our lives, we will remain the same.

No one is asking you to always win against life and its adversity, but rather to take responsibility for yourself and the life you lead, and see how you can be a better person every day.

I am paraphrasing some beautiful words from a popular anime series, but a truly great person isn’t someone who is gifted, someone who has all the money, or someone who has all the support, a truly great person is someone who never gives up, is someone who will always get up and be better.

So, take ownership of your improvement — it is perpetual, it is infinite. It isn’t easy, but it is fulfilling to know that you’re living every day filling in the gaps you find in yourself. The world has helped you learn how to walk, talk, and earn a living, but now you have to decide whether you will be more than this.

Mediocrity will never do. You are capable of something better.” — Gordon B. Hinckley

Invest In Your Existence, Kind Reader.



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