The Crazy’s Getting Crazier But Hang On!

It might just be the November Planetary Energies.

Michelle Monet
Nov 19 · 6 min read

Almost everyone I know seems to be feeling ‘weary’.

So many of my friends have used the word ‘weary’ to describe their mood lately. Weariness seems to be a theme I’m hearing and seeing a lot.

My therapist even sighed the other day, “Oh Michelle this month is just INTENSE! The energies of restlessness and weariness are off the charts. Just hang on.” She laughed, “Don’t do anything rash or make any major decisions until December (or 2020) when this November intensity wears off!”

OOOOO Ok. ha-ha.

I’ve definitely been feeling an intense weary energy in November. Aren’t you?

My guess is that it is a combination of the impeachment insanity, the stress of upcoming holidays, Global Warming issues and school shootings, etc.

They all combine to make us feel a collective weariness.

I even noticed the number of articles online (and on Medium) that seem to have similar themes of weariness — being worn out, wanting a break or wanting to hide under a blanket!

(My weariness led me to do another Facebook Fast so I could totally shut off the noisiness in my life. I’m thinking of a full-on social media break again — indefinitely.)

So when I stumbled on this video today called, The November Energy Update by Lee Harris it seemed to call my name.

I clicked on it. Basically the gist of it was that:

“The crazy is getting crazier on the planet — but the energy of peaceful consciousness is also stronger now. The two energies are really just juxtaposed.”

OOOO. One of my favorite topics. DUALITY!

More from Lee Harris:

“…Our world is hungry for more of the opposite energy. The ‘crazy’ in the outside world is getting ‘crazier’ — but it’s time to shift to our inner world which is what so many seem to be doing now.”

Here is some very good news about this November (Crazy) Energy:

“This weariness is going to get stronger and louder than ever in November and continue for a good three to six month period. Some of you will be entering into this big Identity Shift now and it relates to your personal power.

Those of you that own your power or are taking on your power are about to go through an Identity Shift. That might just look like changes but it can also look like huge upgrades.”

I love the last two words: Huge upgrades.

So what’s the answer?

The Answer to This Craziness is to Go Inward

We are all seeing the sickness of humanity. It’s an important time. We can focus on the outer world or we can go inward where the true answers come.

“If you’re able to constantly reconcile your own feelings and thoughts and separate what’s yours from the crowds you will be able to stay more balanced, more centered and more able to be a part of what is needed during these times.” — Lee Harris

Ask yourself: What do I need in my life? Well, not exactly WHAT you need but the QUALITIES of what you need.

For me it is:

More peace and quiet.
More rest and better quality sleep.
Time for cooking and trying out new recipes
Laying out in sun in my hammock (on the nice weather days)
Staying off social media more.
More quality interactions with friends and cats.
Singing and rehearsing music.

Then ask yourself:

What do I feel I am able to offer the world at this time? Write down what it is you can give the world right now even if it seems small or insignificant.

I wrote that I am able to offer:

Friendship. An ear to my friends.
I can practice more kindness
I can learn how to rest and just ‘be.’

Photo by Mirah Curzer on Unsplash

Lee explained that we are living in a time where there are a myriad of different opinions and beliefs. People are angrier than normal — shouting, screaming louder about what’s going on on our planet. But we can’t be into all of them at once.

He said, it doesn’t serve us to get into arguments. Recognize that underneath every difference of opinion is an opinion of feeling.

Getting Balanced and Centered in Ourselves is Key

Many want to help somehow. I know I do. There are so many social, economic and other pressing issues. We want to stay activated on our purpose, but first, we must notice if we are off-balance.

So how do we balance ourselves and bring ourselves back to center?

Let’s get balanced!

Well, we must keep coming back to ourselves.

Check what we feel.
Check our triggers.

“It is important to be as clear as you can be. You don’t have to meditate 5 hours a day…etc. It’s about recognizing what you need.”

I like this. Recognition.

Anything you try to do in the world will work better if you are in balance with yourself.

I was glad to know I wasn’t alone after reading these comments from some people who also watched this video:

“CRAZY GETTING CRAZIER has been my feeling since summer. It already made me retreat more and more. And say No, thank you to people, situations etc. that don’t resonate anymore.”

“I had this huge urge to disconnect from everyone and everything! The energy was been so intense for me. I have been feeling better lately, much more grounded, centered and calm :) I have been Listening to Gregorian chanting, Christmas music and enjoying baking. I have also been doing artwork with mental health clients I work with. That has felt so good.”

“I can already feel these November energies upon us! The energy is shooting through my body, I have never felt like this, it’s magical. We gotta make sure to get our rest in, lots of water to remain hydrated and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Doing what we love as always to help us take in and integrate these amazing energies!”

“I’m feeling the identity shift. I’m finding myself shifting into a much more loving and accepting version of myself, maybe in part because of the jolt.”

So, I’m glad to learn today about the November Energies. It makes sense to me. We gotta hang on and know this weariness will end — but maybe not until December or 2020!

Are you noticing this energy?
How are you dealing with it?

Thanks for reading.

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Read short and uplifting articles here to help you shift your thought, so you can see real change in your life and health.