The Difference Between Spirituality & Occultism

Rebelling doesn’t always mean you’re on the ‘right track’

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Back in 2016, Gregg Braden beautifully said in his great show Missing Links, “We live in times of extremes”. You don’t need to be intense about it, just take a look around and see for yourself.

More than ever, we’re facing demanding challenges. In such times of ‘desperation’, anything that can help — whether beneficial or not to our growth — is blindly accepted, and used, without thinking much about the consequences.

In ancient times, the knowledge that is now wildly spread through the internet, was only taught after certain tests were passed, which proved we were stable enough to handle it. Such tests were called ‘initiations’.

Obviously, spirituality and the occult were not an exception to this rule.

Actually, information about the deeper truths of life was the most preserved because if it fell in the wrong hands, as it keeps happening today — the consequences, both for oneself and for others — would be too heavy to handle in an entire lifetime.

It’s nothing new that society as it is today is not easy. Life isn’t easy. And we’re constantly trying our best to survive as well as enjoy our time here as much as we can. This is why we love clickbait, easy steps, sex with anyone, ‘deals’.

This may shake some of us, but with observation, it becomes obvious. Deep inside we feel ‘broken’ and ‘powerless’, and this is reflected in our daily actions — it’s why most of us are so naïve, it’s why we keep acting on impulse before regretting the consequences.

We’ve come to believe that we’re cogs in this giant machine that’s called life. Maybe some ‘elite’ convinced us about it, maybe we just chose to learn these specific lessons. Whatever conclusion makes us more comfortable, this whole process made us more vulnerable to being manipulated.

  1. Spirituality: understanding ourselves, learning our lessons, and then transcending our limitations.
  2. Occultism/witchcraft: understanding the laws of life and using them to fulfill our desires like gaining in power, wealth, fame, and so on.

Are we factually powerless, or do we simply believe we are because that’s what we’re told? This is the question that a spiritual person seeks to answer.

Life obviously functions with laws. Some people/books call them universal laws. With some training, it’s possible to understand these laws and start using them to our advantage — just like lawyers do.

This is what witchcraft is about.

In the beginning of this writing, we said that in ancient times, certain initiations were necessary before sharing such information. Why is that?

A spiritual person seeks to understand herself — her pain, her anger, her fears, her selfishness, her wants — those same wants a person that has not yet matured enough would want to manifest in her life, just because she believes she needs it.

Why is it that we want wealth or fame? Why do we want a certain outcome to happen? Why do we want in the first place?

Our emotions drive us. We move because of them. And acting on our impulses without understanding their origin will ultimately create more chaos in our lives.

This is why we need to ‘cleanse’ ourselves first, and then play Harry Potter.

With enough spiritual growth, we’ll realize that most of those things we once desired for ourselves are not that important. Proving a point to people won’t matter much. Entertaining feelings of rage and revenge will feel absurd.

And once all these drives fall apart, what remains?

The same thing the spiritual path offered in the beginning. The perfection of ourselves through understanding who we are, and therefore a better service to the collective by being our best version.

Spirituality focuses on understanding ourselves — our inner reality. Witchcraft focuses on understanding the external reality.

Spirituality helps us dissolve our limiting beliefs, heal our emotional turbulence and live a more stable life. Witchcraft uses our internal imbalance to create more imbalance in the world by wanting a certain outcome at the expense of others, or just wanting to prove a point and feel ‘superior’.

This is immature. But again, let’s not forget that we all have free will — and eternity — to learn whatever it is we’re more interested in.

Now, not all witchcraft is fundamentally ‘bad’. As long as there is honest communication and agreements between participants, it’s fine. As long as the general welfare is kept in mind — which requires real wisdom, something that isn’t very common nowadays — it should be fine.

What’s always important is to understand ourselves, to heal our inner wounds and to go at the very source of our drive in order to practice our craft consciously.

Spirituality is not fashion. And occultism isn’t supposed to be sexy.

The world as it is right now has definitely become superficial in many ways and we’re tired of it. That’s why we’re trying to escape this lack of essence through whatever possible means.

We must fight for ourselves and the world, but, no external substance or belief will save us. No amount of power or possessions will heal us. We must become responsible for our drives. And we do this by becoming aware of our internal dynamics.



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