The Necessity Of Balance

The three destinies

Photo by Edi Libedinsky on Unsplash

Do you want to be the guy with everything but has no family? Or the guy who has nothing but has a beautiful family? Or the guy with both?

The first group, let’s call their leader Mr. A (Mr. B and Mr. C for the other groups). Mr. A focused on making money — spent years building side-hustles and taking the right steps.

A decade later, his hard work paid off. He made more money than he could ever imagine. But because of his focus or obsession, he didn’t bring anyone close. He was wary of distractions. And now, with the riches, it feels like everyone only wants him for his money. So he stayed with his only loyal friend — his work.

Mr. B was all about his community. Deep inside, he resented the rich, like the Mr. As of society, because of their obsession with money. This was what influenced his behavior to do the barest minimum. He only bothered about feeding his family.

He had love, but he dreamed of having more, so he could do more for his family. But sadly, he was already set in his ways. His work ethic was poor. So he retired to his fate.

Mr. C worked on building his family and riches early. He gave his family and work equal attention, and that balance brought him harmony.

We all seek harmony. We want every area of our lives to work. But to get this, you need balance. It takes lots of patience. Don’t be the gym-bro, with no family or money. Don’t be the rich guy with poor health. Don’t be the broke guy with a big family.

To enjoy life to the fullest, you need to work on all the areas that concern you. This is what makes you respectable. This is what brings peace.



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