The One Thing You Owe Yourself if Personal Growth Is on Your Agenda

Build to a point of no return.

A pair of legs (with sneakers on) moving up some worn out stairs
Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

In this world that we are all a part of, there isn’t any force that is stronger than what we define for ourselves.

We expand and broaden as much as we allow ourselves to, and shrink and narrow down to what we set our minds on.

It’s always been us;

You and I — all of us have always been the trigger to what we accept, allow, and embed.

We’re all on the same journey, to better ourselves — grow into better humans, to be able to live well, live fully.

However, it is not with too much difficulty, that we get in our own way of becoming;

How do we do that?

By limiting ourselves to our inhibitions — limiting ourselves to the dark side that resides in each of us.

It is for this very reason, that the one thing we all owe ourselves, is;

To outgrow our own limits;

To be louder than our dark sides which convinces us to stay stuck and small;

To consciously choose to be led by our minds, when our hearts struggle to feed us what feels familiar and comfortable;

To once, and all over again, and again — outgrow versions of ourselves that we can see a desperate need to break from;

To outgrow ourselves.

Personal growth is not a linear journey — it’s one that is bound to present us with lots of backfires, and re-routing;

We can do our very best, but still, we don’t cease to be humans — and being human exposes us to very many things that are beyond our control;

But that doesn’t mean we give in — we keep going;

We keep going two steps forward, so that even if we take a step back — we’re still ahead of where we were, until finally, we get through.

If we can learn to listen to the side of us, which truly wants to be unleashed, wants to see the world with new eyes, and wants to stop being pushed down with the limits we self-induce — we can learn to grow beyond what holds us back, holds us short of what we are capable of.

Build towards undoing the limitations you set for yourself, to get to a point of no return.

It will take every bit of grit you can gather, and some healthy doses of compassion from time to time — but it is on you to get there, because you can.

So, if personal growth is on your agenda, keep striking out the limitations as you go along — so that, no matter how long it takes, you make it to where you truly, deeply want to be.



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