This Is How to Recognize and Transform Toxic Relationships

From drama to mutual respect based on science.

Alex Miguel Meyer
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8 min readMay 31, 2020


A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other. — Simon Sinek

I have been in toxic relationships. Mainly with romantic partners. But also, others. Family, friends, or at work. Most likely, you have, too. There are many symptoms of toxic relationships. Here, I just list a few of them. Probably some of them seem familiar to you when you’re around colleagues, friends or your partner:

  • Feeling mentally or emotionally drained instead of productive and energetic
  • Experiencing a hostile and judgmental atmosphere
  • A lack of constructive communication and support
  • Mutual avoidance
  • Continuous dramas and jealousy
  • Frequent undermining
  • Or simply feeling uncomfortable without really knowing why

Back then I wasn’t even aware when I was involved in a toxic relationship. It all changed when came across the Drama Triangle. This was like an epiphany for me, allowing me to see clearly what was going on. I became aware of the toxicity. Not just in mine but also in the relationships of other people around me. You won’t believe how common it is.

I wanted constructive and resourceful connections with other people. As I researched, I found the Winners’ Triangle as an alternative to the Drama Triangle. It describes a constructive way of having interpersonal relationships. I found and took necessary actions to transform toxic relationships into constructive ones.

I’m going to share with you my insights from this journey along with some tips you can use to improve your relationships, too. Firstly, I will briefly explain the Drama Triangle. Secondly, I will go into the constructive alternative of leading a relationship: The Winners’ Triangle. Thirdly, I will explain how to transition from the former to the latter.

The Drama Triangle

Karpman (1968) introduced the Drama Triangle. This is a psychological and social…



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