This Is Why People Are Attracted To You

Another weird truth about life

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Human beings are inherently selfish. We revere people because of what they know, the expertise they show, how they make us feel, and generally what we get from them.

It’s the way of the world.

If this person is in your life and isn’t bringing anything, you easily tag them a leech and oftentimes, keep them out of your inner circle.

That’s why on your own, it’s your responsibility to be valuable.

People want to become your friend, do business with you, tell other people about you, fall in love with you, and generally listen to you just because of your light.

Your light is your value.

If you look at things objectively, you’ll see how transactional the world is. A Pastor gives you the word of God, acts as a medium for God to perform miracles, shares messages that make you navigate through the spiritual and physical better, and then you repay his ministry by your continuous attendance, offerings, and tithes.

Your mum loves you, takes care of you, and supports you in whatever you do, and you repay her with your loyalty, love, attention, and the comfort you give her in her old age.

To prove this point, if your mum doesn’t love you, or maltreats you, you grow up resenting her. And even cutting her off when you’re in adulthood. Why? Because you didn’t get your desired treatment when you needed it.

It’s quite clear that the basis of relationships today is value. Everyone is after something. It’s all an exchange. It’s all a subconscious trade by barter.

So to thrive in this world, become valuable, and you’ll get whatever you want.



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