True Power Is Without Violence

Quiet is the new strong

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Living means taking in information from the external world, and responding to it accordingly.

Different experiences require different responses, and growing up means having the ability to keep our inner peace no matter what the external world demands from us.

Most of us are angry at some level. People have hurt us at some point in our lives. We didn’t always step up for ourselves. And it always feels conflicting — to want to do good while facing brutally retarded people most of the time. So we contain anger. And it fills us up.

That’s when most of us become sharp either through the words we use or through our actions, what we do — which all have repercussions we can’t always control.

Most people have learned to channel anger through physical force or through deceitful plans. That’s how criminals are born. That’s how power becomes a must. That’s why most people would do anything for status. And that’s when understanding is lost.

It’s true that we’ve been accustomed to dealing with our anger by opposing others in one way or another. Humanity has been doing the same thing for eons — either fighting or deceiving.

But what if we don’t have physical strength, or that we just don’t want to use physical force?

What if we don’t want to give in to our desires to bring others down so that we feel superior enough?

What if we don’t have time for arguments?

And what if we simply can’t accept that this is the only way to live?

The same inputs will always create the same outputs. And change can’t happen if we stick to our old ways. Giving in to our learned responses can only reinforce who we’ve always been. Living based on the past doesn’t allow us to tap into our potential — who we have yet to become.

That’s when we tell ourselves that there must be a better way. That’s when we stop giving our power away through unhealthy means. That’s when we realize that power is our birthright, and that instead of being afraid of it, that it’s time to own it. That’s when we understand that it’s our responsibility to learn to express our power in its most beautiful form — one that not only empowers us but also others.

And that’s when we drop our craving to oppose and reinforce our positions. That’s when we become sincere about understanding what we’ve been missing the whole time. And that’s when the true meaning of power is revealed.

Power is not opposition. Power is allowance.

Life is taking its own time to explore all kinds of possibilities through the endless number of lifeforms that exist— including those very human beings that act so “annoyingly” at times.

It’s one thing to understand this. It’s another to actually accept people as they are while they’re exploring their own possibilities, especially those of being “retarded”. (Sorry, nothing personal, just an example)

Most of the time we object others because they oppose our opinions which we are attached to. Our opinions make us. And if someone is seen as a threat to what we believe in, we become angry. We want to fight.

Power is understanding that our opinions are just that, opinions and that life is too big to be contained in our little worldview.

That’s when we realize how attached we actually are to what we believe in — even if it’s not a fact/the ultimate truth. How many souls get angry when religious beliefs are opposed?

And that’s when we realize that we may have been angry for nothing. That we may have been holding to what doesn’t serve us. And that’s when we timidly try to release our attachment to our opinions. At least just to see what may happen.

And to our immense surprise, nothing does — actually, it just feels so good, so light and so freeing to let go. There’s so much power in realizing that we don’t need attachments to feel safe. There’s so much power in freedom — and this is what power really is, freedom.

Power is freedom, the freedom to be at peace no matter what is happening externally. Yes, power is supposed to make you bigger but others too.

This is growth. It’s maturity. It’s wisdom. It’s how you keep going in the face of adversity. It’s how you become grateful to people who have hurt you — because through these hurts, they’ve freed you. And they should be thanked each, and every instant of your life for giving you back your freedom.

True power is without violence. And quietness is real strength.



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