Turquoise Daze

Brandon Slesser
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4 min readMay 8, 2024


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We Were Red Hot

When we started, we were red hot. Fire was the element that danced around us. We had heat between us that scorched the ground below. We turned your bedroom into a lava pit. On the headboard was our burned initials “M.M & B.S” that was a constant reminder that we were both there. Laying in that moment with fire between us. Lips touched one another and limbs tangled. My body was the map you used to find the destination you were looking for. Your torch was hot enough to find the way over the unknown landscape. Sweat collected on our skins from the friction induced heat. We set fire to your bed until it became ours.

There Was Heat.

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Orange as Burning Passion

The love we shared in the beginning was a seductive array of intertwined limbs and lips. The level of passion that we shared with one another was lava and molten. It wasn’t a simple motion of bodies moving to the locomotive actions we took. Our kinetic energy sparked lightening between us. It was magnetic, glowing Orange in a Burning Passion. The friction from skin on skin was euphoric. Our souls danced with one another in those flamed sheets.

It Is Longing.

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Your Yellow Fixed My Green

We saw each other in a way that was different than what I had witness before. There were moments when I thought that this was it for me. This is the happy ending I was looking for. It was the ending that I had hopped would become the fairy tale I had waited for after living the constant nightmares of my past. Your Aura was a beautiful yellow, it glowed in a heavenly light. A beam of beauty that I had never witness before. My aura glowed green, sick and broken. You understood my past. You saw what I was. I desired that heat of passion for that the beautiful Turquoise Daze of what it truly meant to be loved by someone.

My Energy Belonged To You.

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The Blue in Your Eyes is the Ocean I will Drown In.

The days that I look at you, I go straight for eyes. They are first thing that I see and the one things that I never want to pollute with tears. I see those eyes and I melt where I am. I fall victim to the seduction that is you. I welcome it. This is not a seduction of mistrust, it is a seduction of love and wonder. Poseidon himself is envious of the beautiful that is your eyes. My Venus tells me to follow my heart and allow my green energy to melt with your blue longing. The Blue In Your Eyes Is The Ocean I Will Drown In and I welcome it. I hold my breath knowing that I will eventually give into my breathlessness.

I Dive Into Your Gaze.

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The Purple Blood That Flowed Through Your Veins Was The Crown You Shared.

You were the prince and I was the pauper. Your lifestyle was well beyond my own. There was a regal energy about you. In me, you found the prince that you wanted. You saw the man I was. You saw my habits of needing to be longed for and you took the chance. In the heat of our passion, you crowned me yours. I belonged to you and you belonged to me. The Purple Blood That Flowed Through Your Veins Was The Crown You Shared. You took a common man of the evening and transformed him into royalty.

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Turquoise Daze

In all the colors that we share with one another, only one sticks out the most. Turquoise. It’s a cool and calm color. A color that welcomes wet feelings that are as interchangeable as water in a jar. We mold and adjust to every situation, continuing to be one with one another. Our molecules widely bouncing around one another, zooming past but still in the same element. I want to remain in this Turquoise Daze, never leaving it. Always fluid.

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