We All Go Through This, but Not Everyone Gets Drowned By It

The battle happening in us

Photo by Shaun Bell on Unsplash

I’m talking about doubts. My life is a Rollercoaster of doubts. I doubt if I’m going to get things done. I doubt if I’m going to achieve things. I doubt if I’m good enough. I doubt if I’ll succeed.

On the other hand, I’m pretty sure of myself in many areas. Sometimes I marvel at how much I believe in myself in the most hopeless situations.

And this is why I believe it’s all a game.

The typical result from every game is — winner or loser — no matter how much fun both players have.

To explain this in relation to your doubts, we’re constantly playing a game in our minds between our doubts and confidence.

The two contestants have the chance to show off their abilities. Your doubts make you question things (doubt). And your confidence makes you sure of yourself and things(confident).

I noticed something about confidence. Even when you think you’ve made a mistake, and everyone around you sees the same, your confidence will convince you that things will still turn out good for you.

On the other hand, doubts make you see good things and have you think it’s terrible for you, or you’re making a wrong decision. You hardly believe anything, even when it’s obviously good for you.

This goes with accepting compliments. Or believing people when they say they love you. Or being wary of great amazing opportunities because you think it’s too good to be true. It goes on and on.

Doubts make it hard to enjoy anything. And in a bid to normalize this behavior, these people tag themselves as overthinkers.

Your mind is the boxing ring, and whichever thoughts you focus on wins. It’s that simple. But we all need a balance between doubts and confidence.

This balance makes you discerning and makes achieving and accepting good things easy.

It’s all about the thoughts you entertain the longest. Choose to believe in yourself, and you’ll do wonders. But choose to doubt everything, and you’ll remain stuck.



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