We Live in a Loving Reality

But it’s up to us to experience it

Photo de Pawan Singh: https://www.pexels.com/fr-fr/photo/religion-dormir-bouddhisme-bouddha-8359830/

We grow up in a world that makes us identify with our country, with our religion, with our culture, and so on. In being taught to get attached to our country as an example, disliking another country becomes inevitable — violence is born.

Imagine such a phenomena happening to nearly all souls on Earth, actually, do not imagine it — it is the case. The violent world we are in right now is proof of that.

Out of such a situation, it’d be normal then for most people, to assume we live in an “evil” world — a world in which we’re not safe, a world in which each one is in it for themselves, a world devoid of love and compassion.

Because our beliefs shape our experience of reality; believing in such things would inevitably make us gravitate towards all those things that confirm our beliefs.

We do this when we prefer a certain news channel over another one because it says what we want to hear. We do this when we tell our kids not to go outside or talk to strangers because the world is dangerous.

Of course, for practical reasons, we should teach our children to be cautious but when we drill our fears into them, it corrupts their perception of the world — and possibly their lifetime.

But here’s the thing.

No matter how obscure our outlook on the world is, as we question our conditioning — looking at all our fears, phobias, limiting beliefs and other thoughts— we realize we may have not been looking at things clearly.

It doesn’t take long after this stage for us to start feeling love and compassion, often randomly, for no real reason. Such experiences enlighten us, and they naturally drive us to investigate further.

And as we do, we realize that as souls evolve, they naturally become more loving and compassionate. Then we ask ourselves, if evolution means alignment with the Higher Principles of Life, doesn’t it mean that as we evolve — we become as compassionate and as loving as Life has always been?


So, this whole time we’ve looked at the world through the filter of our conditioning — not as it actually is. Does it mean Life, independently of what we think of it, is loving and caring?


We make our lives harder than they actually are. Whatever situation we find ourselves in, we all have problems. We all have something in mind we think would give us everlasting fulfillment. But whatever it is, whenever we put on our hands on it — it quickly turns into another boring routine. This means we’re not aligned with our path. And because things don’t feel easy, we turn life into an endless struggle.

But it ain’t so.

And while healing our limiting beliefs isn’t always simple, as long as we have the conviction to outgrow the small mental perimeter in which we’ve locked ourselves for so long — as long as we’re willing to embrace the Higher Principles of Life and live in alignment with all that is — we’re building a new version of ourselves, one that lives a different life than we do.

It’s obvious that believing the world could actually be more compassionate and loving than we think is a bit hard for most people. Don’t let it discourage you if you have a hard time seeing how at this moment.

Work on yourself. Question everything you believe in. And it will become crystal clear very soon.

Whatever challenge or situation you find yourself in right now, however anxious or fearful it may make you feel — try it, try to see the world in a more compassionate light. The moment it becomes a fact for you, suddenly, reality responds. Whether it’s people or situations, help will come to you in ways you could’ve never conceived.



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