What Are You Feeding Yourself?

Poison or nutrient?

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Yeah, I’m not talking about food here. On the other hand, it may be food, but not edible food. Everything we see and hear can be food or poison. Our minds are the greatest learners. Because even when you’re not ready to learn, it pays attention in the background.

And because it’s your mind, whatever you let into it becomes yours. It determines what you say, how you feel, and your life's outcome to an extent. I read the subconscious' power last year, and the lessons I got from that book are still very fresh in my mind.

It’s crazy because your environment itself defines your behaviors. Isn’t it weird how you start talking and sounding like your siblings or roommates after staying around them for a while? Or you start behaving the same way they do?

You may not see it, but it happens.

I saw a tweet sometime last week that said your Twitter followers determine your future. Social media, like everything, is a two-edged sword. We’re basically exposing ourselves to different types of people — their thoughts, behaviors, and mindset. You may not see it, but you start to mimic the slangs used on those platforms over time.

I actually really thought hard about it and started to look carefully at the people I followed and what benefits they had to offer. Because whether I saw it or not, those followers determined my future. Because there’s a saying that your thoughts determine your actions. And our continuous actions determine our future.

I’ve started rambling again. But my point, like the title, is, what are you feeding your mind?

You want to be a content creator, expose yourself to people you admire, and be like. This will go a long way to shape your content game.

Focus less on people you don’t like. Because what we focus on expands. If you focus on the bad, you get the bad, and vice versa.

As a writer, you should read like a mad person. There are no two ways about that. Because the more you read, the more you train your mind to create.

If you read junk, you’d produce junk. So, use your social media for your benefit if someone isn’t posting things that help you. You can mute them or unfollow them. Please don’t feel like a bad person, because it’s for your benefit.

Thank you for reading.



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