When Somebody Tells you Things Aren’t Going to go Well

Mental Malpractice

Thoughts are things, right? Want to improve the quality of your own life and do the same for others? Learn to recognize mental malpractice. You will want to reject it when you hear it, and you will want to stop yourself from spreading it to others. Mental malpractice is when we think or speak a diminishing thought toward ourselves or another person.

I made a comment to a friend one evening remarking that I had not had any caffeine that day. “You’ll have a good headache tonight!” she said without skipping a beat. Ummmm, no I won’t. And no, I didn’t.

My husband’s office mate had been sick all week. “You’ll be next!” a coworker warned him. Guess who didn’t get sick. You got it, my husband.

I think people feel that these diminishing statements are actually demonstrations of concern. These are good and kind people, right?

The statements are really nothing more than habit or a learned social behavior picked up from others. Chances are pretty good you would not tell your friend, “I hope you get a bad headache tonight!” or stick your head into someone’s office and say “I hope you get sick!”.

We aren’t total jerks!

But betting or warning someone of an undesirable consequence is affirming for that undesirable consequence to happen. It also plants seeds of fear and doubt in the other person’s thought. Have you ever had someone ask, “Do you feel ok? You look tired today.”? Where does your thought immediately go? “Oh wow, maybe I am getting sick…I hope I’m not getting sick…”

If you truly have a concern for someone’s well being, silently correct your thought, and affirm that the person is perfect, whole and complete right now. Affirm that any associations we have about effects and consequences are merely learned human thought, and these thoughts don’t have to be true.

Learn to protect yourself from mental malpractice. We hear foreboding statements all over the place and not just concerning health. We hear doom and gloom messages daily about our finances, the state of the government, and the condition of the environment. We hear beliefs about limitations of age, race and gender. You name it, people have an inexhaustible supply of theories about what can go wrong in this world and why we should be held back in it. Want a good remedy for mental malpractice? Rejection. “I reject that thought” or “I reject that belief” are strong affirmative statements that ground you in the truth. The truth that you are governed by the all knowing, all loving, ever present Universal Intelligence. That is the only truth you are subject to. You were born to thrive!

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