Why Changing Your Location Won’t Change Your Life

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

I’ve tested being a partial digital nomad in the last 2 years and learned a lot from working 5 mins from the beach.

What is a partial digital nomad?

Well, I am not continuously traveling every few months, but rather travel for a month or two to a place and then come back home for 3–6 months or more. I’ve done this twice while working a 9 to 5 remote job.

Being in a warm place when where you usually live is cold, is a dream for me. But my life didn’t improve so much while spending the evenings on the beach in Tenerife.

Being a nomad with a full-time job can be more stressful than transforming

While I was in an amazing place, wearing T-shirts at meetings while my colleagues wore sweaters and complain about shitty weather, I was still extremely stressed and not at peace with my life. Of course, I didn’t expect to fall in love with my life just because I am on an island, while everything else is the same, but then I did have a hope something in me will change and that I will at least be more relaxed.

Well, my stress increased. And that was because I felt chained to my desk while out there was an entire world waiting to be explored. Yes, I had the weekends and the evenings, but I was also trying to not live like a tourist and go to the gym regularly, write as often as possible, and also find my way in the world.

Well, my routine was not as expected, I didn’t become a healthy lifestyle influencer that runs on the beach in the morning, hits the gym in the evening, and eats whole foods most of the time. I think I became the opposite of that, as my sugar consumption increased and even going to the gym was a struggle for the first time in my life.

Why a pretty location won’t help you figure out your life

Living in Tenerife, was one of the best decisions, even if it doesn’t look like that. Being in a beautiful and new place can do wonders for your life in terms of adventure, leisure, and pleasure. But, it won’t fix your messy life. You might get some answers about how you want to live and where, but when you travel your baggage comes with you…