Why Most Spiritual Seekers Give Up

What differentiates those who reach enlightenment from those who fantasize about it

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Whenever we commit ourselves to growing spiritually, changing certain habits and questioning Life beyond the physical senses becomes natural.

At first, this process is “easy.”

We’re still in our old routines, although we’ve tweaked a few things. We still sweat the small stuff, yet we’ve learned to appreciate the breeze. Et cetera.

What we don’t realize at this point though, especially if we’re consistent in our spiritual practices, is that we’re accumulating an energetic momentum. And as this momentum is built — it must find a physical manifestation.

This manifestation is having our lives dramatically changed from what they used to be.

As an example, out of nowhere, we’re unable to connect with people we used to hang out with. Yes, we’re together physically speaking, but something’s off. Outwardly, they may act “normal,” but inwardly, we’re crying because we can’t seem to connect.

As an other example, we’ve worked in the same place for years, deriving pride from our career and calling it our “life,” but now, it seems so limiting, meaningless and our soul begs us to actually live, and not spend the precious chance we’ve been given in a cubicle.

And so on.

Such drastic changes to what we’ve always called our “life,” through what we’ve always derived our safety, it’s shocking to say the least. But as we heal our limiting beliefs, which doesn’t happen overnight, we are tested in real time.

In the past as an example, we may have always become overwhelmed whenever things got chaotic, but as we work on our corresponding limiting beliefs, outer circumstances adjust themselves to test us.

That’s where most spirituals get discouraged.

The first steps on the spiritual staircase are exciting. We feel like we’re on top of the world and that nothing can stop us. In some ways it’s true. But we’ve not fully integrated this truth yet. That’s why bumps in the road feel like the end of the world.

Such people feel like they’ve worked so hard, but those “bumps” discourage them, which makes them doubt their spiritual conviction. Left to themselves, those doubts, once again infiltrate the psyche they worked so hard to purge.

It’s at such a phase that spiritual seekers fall back into old habits, try hard, get discouraged again, seek new “gurus” and repeat the cycle.

On the other hand, for those who refuse to give up no matter what — something else happens.

Yes, there is this same feeling of discouragement, but they’re aware of it. And this awareness of the state of discouragement means their consciousness hasn’t been fully reabsorbed into old patterns.

Of course, there’s always a possibility for “corruption” to happen, but the fact that they fight hard to remain aware despite the unconscious pull to fall back into old patterns prevents that.

And as long as they respond “present” to Life’s tests — they’re provided all the tools they need to overcome whatever, previously, overwhelming situation they go through.

Doing so results in growth, in belief, in faith, in conviction in oneself.

This, by the way, is the highest and purest meaning of adversity.

Regardless of what is happening in the world right now. Despite the fact that it overwhelms us in different ways. Within each one of us, there is a presence that is not affected by the “terror.”

As spiritual beings, our lesson is to merge this presence with our body and mind. Once our form has fully integrated our presence, we reach the goal of this gigantic “play” we call life.

Our energy matrix gets an upgrade. We are transformed. We are aligned.



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