Why Seeing and Confirming Death has Inspired me to Live

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3 min readApr 6, 2020


I am a doctor. I confirm death.

I have worked in and out of A+E, medical wards and surgical wards. The single thing that this has taught me is the importance of valuing life. There’s so much to it. It is only when we reach the end that we regret the things we hadn’t done or didn’t say. Regret in overdose is a poison.

Confirming death

The patient lies there, still, not moving, not blinking. The family have stepped out. You brace yourself, you have to appear confident for the families sake at least. You take a deep breath and walk to the patient. You recall the steps that you must take to confirm death. Listening to Heart sounds, wait did you hear something? Was that a heart sound? You go on to listen for breathing, wait what was that? Was that a breath sound? Re-examine. Silence. You complete all other checks. You compose yourself, speak with the family. With that you walk away.


It is only at the very end that we count what we have done, what we haven't done, who we have hurt and who we have around us to aid our last breaths. It is in these moments we ask for those who matter and forget all those who don’t. It is as if all the arguments, bickering and worries are suddenly irrelevant. Why is it at our death bed we remember what is…