You Are Enough

Suffering for lies

Photo de Alena Shekhovtcova:

So many of us spend so much of our time believing in so many lies. We are burdened by the world we have created. Right from childhood, we’re conditioned to be “better” than others, and if we’re not, we’re made to feel bad about ourselves.

We grow up broken, processing the world around us through distorted unconscious mechanisms. Whether it’s on social media or in our daily lives, we’re always feeling bad or good about ourselves depending on how good or bad others’ lives seem to be.

What we don’t realize living from such an unhealthy background is that we keep giving more and more credit to the outer world; we need books to think for ourselves, we need people to tells us what to do, we “Google” everything before even trying it for ourselves. And so on.

Eventually, we trade our essence for sameness. We discard what makes us, us, for resources that aren’t scarce.

All of this stems from the inherent belief, which we share as a collective, “I am not good enough.” We bury our essence with comparisons and platitudes which we identify with, and because we do, we make an illusion feel real.

So much life, energy, boldness and power exists within each one of us. This boldness isn’t only reserved for “extroverted” or “alphas,” because once all those human concepts are wiped out of our minds, what we are simply shines out.

But first, we have to observe how much we’ve tricked ourselves into believing in all those concepts we identify with. There is security in calling ourselves an “introvert,” at least we’re not the only “weirdo” in the world. And as long as we like the “introvert’s story,” we’ll meet introverts and make our cage feel realer.

Truth is, like everything else we identify with, it’s simply a concept that limits our expression. And there is no way we can discover how bold and full of life we actually are unless we dare to question this cage we’ve locked ourselves in.

The time will come when human beings look within themselves, and embrace (love) themselves. In the meantime, don’t you dare putting yourself down because of some useless comparisons.

You’re bright, bold, and powerful — seek this power within yourself with your entire energy. It’s there, waiting to be discovered. And once you do, not the entire wealth or status of the universe will take it away from you — and you’ll never trade it for anything. It’s your birthright.



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