You are Looking at Life Through a Picture Frame

A lot happens in life that just doesn’t make sense to us. Other times we think we have it all figured out, when we actually misunderstand an awful lot. Every time we observe something in life, we are only seeing one frame of a very long and large picture. What we don’t see is what is happening outside of the frame. We don’t see the myriad of characters and circumstances that preceded the frame we are observing. We don’t see what is going to unfold in the future frames either. Sometimes our creative brains try to imagine what is outside the frame, both past and future, but these thoughts are made up by our own beliefs and biases.

I like to remind myself of the picture frame analogy whenever I feel tempted to jump to conclusions about why someone behaved a certain way or chose to do something that doesn’t make sense to me. I remind myself of the picture frame when I see stories on the news that seem upsetting. If I feel myself starting to judge a situation, I remind myself again of the picture frame.

We can only see what is going on in the present frame. We can’t see the frames that preceded the current frame and have since passed, and we can’t see the future frames that are going to unfold. Recognizing this takes our mortal minds out of the situation, and it helps us to remain grounded in the present moment. It helps us release old patterns, and it prevents us from making erroneous assumptions. It gives us all a fresh and neutral perspective which opens the doors to possibilities previously unseen.

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