You Are Not Wrong to Judge The World

Just don’t put labels on your observations

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Think about books, we were told not to judge them by their covers, but that is not easy — especially since those covers were designed and created by the author and their team to attract us and grab our attention in some way. So, it’s difficult for us not to judge them.

And that’s a big part of us — we each draw conclusions about everything in our lives based on how they affect us. There’s food we enjoy and ones we don’t. We judge everything from the toothpaste we use to the clothes we wear and music we listen to.

And why shouldn’t we? In terms of our own lives, these things do something for us, they make us feel more like ourselves. In some way, they reveal us to ourselves. So, it is not abnormal to judge things based on how they affect us.

But we have to be careful

It’s okay to have an opinion about clothes and food, but these are different from living beings, more specifically, people. People are impressionable and if you are not careful with your observations, you may not like how they react to you.

But there is value in observing them, of course. Through them, we can learn what we prefer and what we don’t without actually exploring it ourselves. We may see things we may prefer and things we don’t, and we can use this to prepare ourselves in some way to be better as we face reality.

Think about it — we can learn the importance of integrity and discipline from those who have it and those who don’t by seeing how it affects them and at the same time, how it makes us feel about ourselves.

We can learn so much from just observing other people, but the issue comes about when we put labels on them

When we use whatever information we find in a short moment to define a person in our own minds, we limit ourselves to defining the entire person by that moment alone. Our Ego may even come along and use this small detail to gain a sense of superiority. And if we interact with this person, then this small observation influences a sort of bias in ourselves, which affects how we treat this person.

It’s kind of like when people treat waiters or waitresses as just objects or inferior beings, or look at construction workers as just tools. We use the conclusions we draw to decide how we interact with others.

Now, to say that this is entirely wrong is dishonest because our observations can help us learn and grow. So, there is a subtle truth that we should not forget.

We should not forget that there is so much more than the moment that we don’t know

We don’t know all the joys and sorrows of people, nor do we know how capable they are of facing them. We don’t know about their childhood or how they grew up — that is a major factor in defining us all. We don’t know how they spend their time or what they think about. And more than this, we have no idea what they could be. And we become less considerate when we forget this.

We may not be able to stop ourselves from holding judgements, even the subtle ones — we seem to be wired to want answers. But, we can do something with these observations to save us from being inconsiderate with our judgements. We can dig deeper, using the fact that we don’t know everything as a sort of light to guide us through the darkness of the moment.

And quite importantly, be aware of ourselves as we go about judging the world outside

Because as we look to the outside world, like the clothes and food we prefer and don’t, we notice things that reveal us to ourselves on a deeper level. We learn how to face situations without having to face them ourselves. We get to practice living as we observe the lives of others.

We can learn how to face arguments, we can find insecurities in us that we may have forgotten about, and we can explore our own world within by just observing the world outside. That’s the thing about life, we can use everything to learn more about ourselves and grow in some way.

But don’t cross the fine line and tie down people with labels

Well not until you get a chance to explore what you don’t know. And even then, understand that the future is potential for them as much as it is for you, and they too can become someone better. But whether they do is not for you to decide — you just need to figure out how to use your moments to better you in some way.

Remember, there is much more to a book than just the cover. And people will look to your story and learn about themselves too. So, as the author of your own story, being inspired by the stories of others, be sure to create one that will be worthy of your name.

Invest In Your Existence, Kind Reader.



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