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The other meaning of the word “belief”

Photo de Prince Kumar:

Throughout our writings, we have often expressed how all of our challenges as human beings come from not having healed our beliefs.

The funny thing with words is that they can mean so many things to so many people, that’s why they’re limited when it comes to actually “touching” the “texture” of the matter.

While the word belief often has a “negative” connotation in those writings, like everything else, it has a higher expression. And this higher expression finds form through words such as faith, trust and conviction.

Most people believe so many things act as obstacles to their dreams. For some it’s money, for others it’s skill, and so on. It’s true that in some cases, such situations may slow us down in our pursuit, so what? We’re invited to try differently. That’s how we evolve.

Unfortunately, the above is the rarer case because for most people, nothing actually stops them except their own mind.

If you want to quit your job and venture on your own, what stops you? On the surface side, yes, you may have to prepare yourself in some ways, perhaps by saving some money. That’s practical.

What about the deeper side? You may observe different fears coming up — perhaps you fear you wouldn’t be able to care for your family if you leave, perhaps you fear you wouldn’t succeed in your venture because you doubt your abilities, perhaps you fear being the leader of your life. And so on.

The situations may differ, but the thoughts they evoke are similar. There is always a thought we identify with, one that drags us deeper and deeper into a cul-de-sac of despair.

And because this storm of distorted thoughts and emotions is overwhelming — most people quit without ever trying. They then go on to generate reasons why they didn’t act. And before they realize it, years have passed and they feel lifeless.

What is the solution then? Do we simply force ourselves to have faith and delegate our responsibility to do a good job at handling our lives? Of course not. A lot of people have tried this approach, and it ended their faith.

This is spiritual sports. The truest battle of life. Ourselves versus ourselves.

The only real solution therefore is to heal our fears, to understand ourselves, to dig deep within, and to see all the accumulated emotions and thoughts from our past for what they are.

In healing ourselves, we slowly but surely release limiting beliefs, and with their release — we naturally form more positive ones. This isn’t us forcing positive beliefs into ourselves. They come out naturally once we remove all the obstacles to their light.

Of such positive beliefs, one is that of conviction, trust and faith. This belief states “I can achieve anything I want because I live in a cooperative universe.”

And because no more fears hold us back, our natural boldness makes us move fast, vigorously, and all life around us responds to this high caliber energy by bringing the right people and situations to us.

With conviction, trust and faith — we exercise our spiritual muscles, outgrowing everything we have always been in the process, while embracing Life in a more holistic way. We can’t feel the universe unless we stop making everything into a personal matter as an example.

As an end note. Unless we see the falseness in which we believe for what it is, we won’t be able to understand the Higher Principles of Life, of which the above is part of. Everything truly happens within. We are pure awareness projecting worlds without end.



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